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 See Ya Never, 2016!

Ahhh, 2016. 

A year not too many people wish to remember. Lots of negative things happened this year that you’re probably well aware of. Yes, there may have been tragic celebrity deaths, a racist, homophobic, sexist potato who we somehow elected President, too many horrific events that took place worldwide, AND a creepy clown epidemic (what the actual EFF 2016?).  But can we talk about all the things that made 2016 actually not as bad as we thought? 

  • Leo got an Oscar!
  • Puppies still exist!
  • Ryan Gosling sang and danced in La La Land and broke hearts EVERYWHERE!
  • The ozone layer is repairing itself!
  • People are finally catching on to this whole feminism thing!
  • World crime is at an all time low!
  • Tigers are becoming less and less extinct! 

See?! A whole lot of good things happened in 2016 for it to be dubbed “Worst Year in the History of the Universe”! With that being said, we will celebrate. 

New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to wear WHAT 👏🏼 EVER 👏🏼 YOU 👏🏼 WANT 👏🏼 HUNNY 👏🏼 Although I try to live by that rule 24/7, I go a littttle overboard for New Years. I put together some party-wear inspo for those of you who are welcoming the IDGAF attitude with open arms in 2017. 

Here’s a list of my must haves when there’s celebratin’ to be done: 

  • Sequin Dress – Asos
  • Pink Platform Mules – Asos
  • Rainbow Glitter Socks – Asos (similar)

  • Disco Ball Boobies Top – Wildfox
  • Gold Pleated Skirt – Nasty Gal (similar)
  • Pink Crushed Velvet Boots – Asos
  • Confetti Pouch – Packed Party
  • Choker – Asos
  • Glasses – linked above!

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