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Remember when I started a blog at the start of 2017 and since then SHIT HAS ACTUALLY HIT THE FAN? Ah, yes. Indeed it has. 

Guys, I’m not too sure what’s happened in the past couple months but I feel like someone set my pants on fire and made me sprint a marathon UPHILL. Daisy Natives is growing faster than I ever could have imagined (NOT a complaint, super amazing) and I’ve got myself down to only TWO mental breakdowns a week! BLESSED AF. More Daisy Natives news soon! Sit tight!

Getting married, moving 1,700 miles from home, and trying to grow my business baby in a span of 9 months has been SO AMAZING but SO OVERWHELMING. With that being said, our honeymoon could not have come at a better time. You BET I’m ready for about 17 margaritas and an endless supply of chips and guac. CANCÚN, THE ECKETT’S ARE COMIN’ FOR YA!

I’m sure I’ll be posting another honeymoon recap when we get back but here’s a peak at what’s in my suitcase! Can you spot the Daisy Natives spring/summer hints? 

On the flight: BRIDE tee shirt from last year’s Wildfox bridal collection. Still wearing it because homegirl is shamelessly trying to get some upgrades. And yes, I’m 24 and still have a Teen Vogue subscription!!!!! No shame!

What I’m packing:


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